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Welcome To Fuhuiyang electronic tech co., LTD !!!

Shenzhen Fuhuiyang electronic tech co., LTD. Is professional development, production and

sales of medical electronic equipment parts and consumables,

The products are widely applied to monitor, blood oxygen meter, electrocardiogram machine,

HOLTER electroencephalograph, B ultrasonic, fetal monitor instruments such as; kinds Relating

to the monitor cable, electrocardiogram machine cable, dynamic electrocardiogram machine

cable, temperature probe, noninvasive    blood pressure cuff Belt, blood oxygen tieline, and

connect the cable of the blood pressure, blood oxygen probe (blood oxygen saturation probe)

, and other consumables, Product specifications qi The whole, its supporting accessories can

be compatible with numerous domestic and imported machine;

We always take "the good faith first, quality first, the customer first" for the business philosophy,

"diligently, concentration, fine Heart "service commitment, with reasonable price based on the

market and service in medical career. You only need a phone call, a pass True or an E-mail will

get us the high quality quick service. Main products: blood oxygen probe, the blood oxygen tieline,

the blood Oxygen extension cord, electrocardiogram machine cable, monitor cable, HOLTER cable,

blood pressure cuffs and other medical accessories.

The company sales of the products according to international standard manufacturing, through the

CE certification, the medical equipment and supporting accessories all through the clinical trials

and biological intermiscibility The experiment, is non-toxic, environmental protection, durable,

comfortable, beautiful features.

Company to market demand as the foundation, take the product quality as the core, and constantly

improve the quality, Technology, cost, delivery and environmental protection as the highest purpose,

to provide high quality medical equipment parts and consumables.

For a long time, the company pays attention to the professional talents Introduction and culture, has

been formed a set research and development, management, manufacturing high quality and professional

team, so that we can meet or exceed customer requirements                                         


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